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Kréol Food and Rhum Press Conference

KFR - ATV Report - 09/20/18

Day 1 - Arrival of the chefs of #KFR delegation in Martinique

Day 2 - Employment Forum at Marin Marina

Day 2 - Employment Forum at Marin Marina

Day 3 - Young people from CFA de Rivière Salée meet the Chefs

Interview with Director Chamber of Trades and Crafts - Brigitte BRIAND MONPLAISIR

CFA youth from Rivière Salée meet the #KFR Chefs

Exchange of #KFR chefs with young people at Marin

Interview Serge GOULOUMES - Chef of #KFR delegation

Interview with Maely Templet - Kano's Opening Cocktail

Interview with Thierry Lauzéa - Chef of #KFR delegation

Visit Distilleries A1710 & Clément

Interview with Ghislaine ARABIAN - Chef of the #KFR delegation

Day 3 - Opening Cocktail Kréol Food & Rhum - Restaurant Le Kano

Day 4 - Discovery tour for the chefs, organized by RUM'TROTTERS: visit of A1710 distilleries, Clément

Day 4 - Meeting of Chefs - SIMON Hotel

Day 5 - Amazons Dinner Preparation

Donations donated to the Amazons Association - Charity Dinner #KFR

Amazons Charity Dinner Organized by the #KFR Delegation

Day 5 - Amazons Dinner Charity

Interview with Mathias COURJON, the young chef at L'escale restaurant

Day 6 - Meeting with the young people at the North Caribbean High School training center

Day 6 - Fort St. Louis Closing Night

Interview with Charles LARCHER - Managing Director of Rhum Clément

Interview Marie-Line Lesdema - Vice-President of CMT

Day 7 - Stroll and tasting at sea for the chefs on the Blue Dream Cruise

Day 7 - Dinner at the hotel's Zandoli restaurant La Suite Villa *****

Interview with Anna Duplan - Manager of the Villa Suite restaurant