Thierry et Jimmy LAUZEA

Chocolatier Brothers LAUZEA

Thierry Lauzea and his brother Jimmy are the faces of Chocolats Frères Lauzea, a brand he has been imposing since 2004 in the field of excellence and even luxury. Chocolates, fruit pastes and soon Lauzea beauty creams that could even be enjoyed. Thierry is also defined and especially as a developer.

His ambition to publicize Martinican cocoa does not seem to suffer from any limit.

His chocolate factory, which helped structure the cocoa sector in Martinique, now buys about 250 kilos of quality pods from local producers and employs 13 people.

Thierry put his bags and those of his family in Orleans. After Martinique, Paris, Saint-Barth, he wants to develop the potential of Frères Lauzea, explore new territories of taste and conquer new markets.

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