Sylvestre WAHID

Chef star 2 ** restaurant Sylvestre WAHID

Restaurant Sylvestre Wahid Hotel Thoumieux
Worked with Thierry Marx at Cheval Blanc
with Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée, then in New York
His favorite product: Tomato
His favorite utensil: The microplane
The dish he loves to eat: spaghetti, tomato sauce, parmesan and basil
His morning ritual: Say hello and greet everyone, drink his detox juice and his green tea

Today taking over the kitchen of Thoumieux, Sylvestre Wahid begins a third period: the one that bears his name as the gourmet restaurant of the hotel.

At the end of the past, the plates leave their place in the vegetable and mineral. This results in cooking with stew with hot stones but also cooking on the stone.

Or the use of mortar, more than that of the robot, which retains the intrinsic virtues of the product.

More plant and mineral on one side, less sugar, fat and salt on the other: balance and health are cardinal virtues for Sylvestre Wahid who cares for the well-being of its customers.

“Salt for salt does not interest me, just like herbs or peppers, the salts have distinct flavors, I’m going to propose Persian blue salt, the Himalayan rose, the fleur de sel Camargue and the black salt of Hawaii, some are more iodized, others more mineral. ”

Supported by irreproachable products and by a frank and direct technique, its very inspired cuisine is greedy without being heavy, rich without being fat and very attentive to the other.

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