Nathanaël DUCTEIL

Independent Chef based in Martinique

Born in a family of 5 children of a Martinican father and a Dominican mother, it is in the family kitchen that Nathanaël will feed without knowing this love for Creole cuisine.

If he has the hobbies of children of his age, he especially has this tendency to be captivated by his mother’s gourmet recipes, leg of lamb Sunday after the church, matoutou holidays, tails of Breaded shrimp essential family aperitifs.

However, if the love of cooking permeates his childhood, it is by chance that he discovers the artistic potential of the profession of cook. It is his mother who, too, will be at the origin of this discovery.

In 2002, she found him a job in the plunge of a famous hotel on the island: Habitation LaGrange under the leadership of Chef Franck Scherrer. Learning will be hard, the discovery of the profession as exciting as violent …

1 year apprenticeship at the CFA of Rivière Salée with Jean-Philippe Crampon, followed by 2 years of collaboration as a second with Franck Scherrer and 3 months of intensive training at Alain Ducasse Formation will allow Nathanaël, to be entrusted with the position of head of cooking at the Hôtel Plein Soleil; He is then 22 years old.

For more than 10 years, he will contribute with his hard work to build a solid reputation in the restaurant of the hotel.

After a time at the controls of the restaurant of the French Coco hotel, the chef DUCTEIL now offers services of #Chef at home:

  • Dinner with friends or with friends
  • Business lunch
  • Birthday
  • ….
  • And everywhere you want him to make you discover or rediscover his culinary universe.

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