Chef executive The Glass Light Liverpool USA.

Serge Gouloumès takes the step towards America after 3 years at the head of the kitchens of the Hotel Belmond la Samanna in Saint Martin French Caribbean, the opportunity to create a brand is offered to him!

An American group got its services after long months of consultations.

Passionate and active man, defender of the product and good food, Michelin Star Chef loving a tasty and refined cuisine, but a kitchen of character in the image of the chef, this Gascon, of origin, exudes the joy of living.

For him curiosity is a driving force to travel and eat local cuisine is a privilege and a great pleasure and also a source of inspiration!

It will not leave your island without taking with you your precious spices, fruits and vegetables, native of South West, terroir of foie gras and Armagnac but especially a lifestyle.

Create your own touch, this signature that differentiates each chef, share and give because our job is only sharing…

Knowing how to recognize the value of their team from the smallest to the biggest because all of them are important and without them we would be nothing.

This Passionate Man’s Life will be his engine his team will become his family, his customers his friends.

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