Young chef in the making

With eleven years’ experience acquired in the kitchen of several gourmet restaurants, always keeping as objectives the taste of my customers, now prone to give a new boost to my career and having a deep desire to lead now my own brigade.

I have a BEP, Professional Baccalaureate, Operating Assistant, Major of promotion for training Cooking of yesteryear, Today’s flavors “Hotel-Catering, I spent various competitions, I made several internships in companies abroad and Martinique, it seems important to me to put all the assets on my side to reach my goal.

Because I was able to implement my technical skills and my versatility through my aspect of restoration.

Indeed, I will add that my particularity lies in my experience in Monaco / opening of the Simon Hotel and with Claire-Marie Dubois, from which I withdraw besides a good technical mastery, a great openness, real relational qualities and that there abilities to adapt easily to different environments.

I am a young leader in the making involved, motivated, determined for the success of my professional project, having a good physical resistance, and alchemy operates, with great reinforcement of love and sharing.
This heritage was passed on to me by my family and it is through my path, my story that I built my gastronomic identity.

My personality Martinique is revealed in a colorful and spicy cuisine.

Cooking and a sum of transmissions linked to an act of love …
Cook for you and others.

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