Louis-Philippe VIGILANT

Chef Etoile 1 * Restaurant of Loiseau des Ducs. Bernard Loiseau House

For Louis-Philippe Vigilant, nothing happens like other Chefs.

Only seven months after taking control of his first chef’s job, the thirty-something landed his first star.

His goal was not to run behind the star absolutely.

Things are naturally proud of this recognition, Louis-Philippe Vigilant considers it the most important reward of his career.

“I’m one of the few leaders of color to have won a star in this famous guide.”

Uncommon, this situation sometimes provokes some funny reactions, “when I come to see the customers in the room and I tell them that I am the chef, they are often surprised when they have not gone to take a look at our website, my cooking style does not match my background. ”

Anxious to reproduce the cuisine that his peers have passed on to him, the chef of Loiseau des Ducs intends to continue to fly to conquer new stars.

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